Review: Russian Hut – Pointe aux Canonniers

  • June 1, 2015

When we think of Russia, for most vodka comes to mind . . . and at the Russian Hut you’ll find the longest vodka list in Mauritius – fact! They also do some of the most captivating cocktails based on guess what? Yes, vodka!

The basis of their menu consists of hot and cold appetizers, which are selected from traditional Russian dining and drinking.

The menu is fabulous, really incredible! The vast selection of gourmet food is quite overwhelming. I mean which one do I chose, where do I start? They all look so good . . . and I promise you this they all taste even better!

They specialise in traditional cuisine from Russian, hence the name as well as Eastern Europe.

Some I have tried, love and strongly recommend must be, has to be their Pelmeni. My favourite is the chicken or lamb, they also do a beef version.

They do these wonderful pancakes with different fillings. The creamy salmon is just bliss! Their Vareniki with cottage cheese is heavenly! You couldn’t be in Mauritius without a Dorado steak, theirs is served with a shrimp sauce – luscious! One dish which sounds kind of strange is their chicken liver with apples. But be assured when it hits your lips you’ll feel like you’ve died and woken up in heaven. Its served in this dreamy caramel cream sauce that just excites every part of your mouth!

I mean even their Mayonnaise is amazing. They make it with garlic and cheese – I bought a tub for the fridge at home!

The Russian Hut being also a family restaurant caters for children – with a special kids menu and a kid’s corner. Very cool!

Their chef Nikolay Shulga really is in a league of his own. The combination of flavors, spices and aromas he decorates his dishes with sets him apart from the rest. Just incredible!

The staff there are just amazing too. They’re efficient, experienced and they surpass all your expectations of fine dining!

Welcome to our Russian Hut review page – we hope you enjoyed the read!

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