Review: The Azallé Lounge Club – Grand Baie

  • June 4, 2015

The Azallé Lounge Club in Grand Baie is without a shadow of doubt the liveliest place in town! And for some good reasons, the bar staff and waiters are prompt, professional, warm and definitely experienced! The chef is fantastic, they are clearly proud of him and rightfully they should be.

Everyone likes to nibble when they drink so let’s start with the bar snacks – I suggest the chicken samosas, the seasoning must be a secret because it should be protected to the death. It keeps your taste buds moving tantalized well after they’re gone. It’s not the alcohol, I am sure of this!

They also do a fantastic smoked marlin sandwich with a beautiful creamy cheese sauce that drips out leaving you almost licking it off your plate.

My favorite from the restaurant and this is a must has to be their spaghetti carbonara! OMG wow, wow and then wow again!

The sauce is so thick and creamy – normally to much creamy sauce makes you feel a little full, bloated and or sick. Not this one . . . instead it has you returning for breakfast insisting on the same!

The cocktails are what you’d expect on a paradise island in the tropics! They’re fancy, they’re sweet, they’re colourful and they’re just divine!

Positive criticism – they’re not shy when pouring their alcohol!

What I love about the The Azallé Lounge Club is the entertainment. I’ve been there on both Christmas and New Years Eve. But, they don’t make you wait for a National holiday to fill the place with professional dancers and an amazing band. It’s that way every night! Now, that is why The Azallé Lounge Club is the liveliest place in town.

If you get there during the day, they have live sport from all over the world. Especially football and I being from London, England loves to watch a game from back home! Where better to do so than at The Azallé Lounge Club lounging on a sofa doing all of the above!

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